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Reni Pani Jungle Lodge introduces horseback safaris in Satpura National Park


Located in the pristine forest on the periphery of the Satpura National Park, the conservation and wildlife-focused Reni Pani Jungle Lodge has recently introduced horseback safaris that will be operational between the months of October and June. These riding safaris on the royal family’s thoroughbreds and Marwari horses are the first of their kind in Madhya Pradesh. Guided by experts, they offer guests a choice of two identified, distinct trails.

Widely popular and respected within the wildlife circuit, Reni Pani is quite a pioneer in the responsible wildlife tourism landscape in the region. The lodge was the first in Satpura to successfully introduce non-motorized safaris on land and water. Besides being eco-friendly, these activities allow a more immersive experience of the forest and all its elements. A unit of Jehan Numa Wilderness and the Jehan Group of Hotels, the property is run by the descendants of the royal family of Bhopal and is a translation of the family’s deep connect with nature and the Satpura forests.

“The first trail runs through the forest around Reni Pani where you can immerse in Satpura’s flourishing flora as well as sightings of birds and some herbivores like nilgai, wild boar, spotted deer, Indian Gazelle, and if lucky the sloth bear too. The other trail passes along the local villages in the area – a really fabulous way to catch the rural sights up close. These rides will allow our guests to cover and explore more of the landscape in an excitingly new format. Both our trails end with a lovely picnic in the forest or a sundowner for that special, personalized touch – an essential requisite for all Jehan Numa experiences,” said Aly Rashid, Director and CEO of Jehan Numa Wilderness.

Reni Pani Jungle Lodge, a 3.5-hour drive from Bhopal, comprises earthy cottages and luxury tents in the midst of spectacular nature. Many birds have made the lodge their home – Grey Hornbills, Malabar Pied Hornbills, Black Shouldered Kites, Tree Pies, Shikra, and many others can be spotted around the lodge itself. Besides safaris and nature excursions into the buffer zones and Park, the lodge’s expert naturalists are happy to guide and regale guests with spotting the wilderness within the premise at any time.