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Hong Kong’s overture to India focuses on increasing tourism influx


In a recent interaction, Puneet Kumar, Director for South Asia and Middle East, Hong Kong Tourism Board, shared insightful details on the growing attraction of Hong Kong as a premier destination for Indian travellers, highlighting significant achievements in 2023 and ambitious plans for 2024 and beyond.

– Vartik Sethi

Visitation and Growing Engagement

With a record influx of 208,000 Indian visitors in 2023, marking a significant post-pandemic recovery, Hong Kong witnessed an encouraging trend of increased spending and extended stays among Indian tourists. The average length of stay extended to 5.6 days from the pre-pandemic average of four days, and per capita expenditure rose from 6,000 to 8,300 Hong Kong dollars

Visa Policies and Air Connectivity

Kumar attributed this growth to several strategic advantages, including visa-free access for Indian nationals, enhanced air connectivity facilitated by both home carrier Cathay Pacific and Indian Airlines, and a range of collaborative marketing efforts.

In an effort to sustain and build upon this momentum, the Hong Kong Tourism Board engaged in a series of partnerships with airlines and the Indian travel trade. Notably, the Board organised multiple familiarisation trips in collaboration with key partners like Cathay Pacific, Marriott, and Indigo, aiming to showcase Hong Kong’s diverse offerings to corporate and travel trade professionals from India. Kumar shared, “Working with travel agents is definitely our priority and part of our work plan. This year, we have brought 28 Hong Kong trade partners under our Hong Kong pavilion and it is a good mix of hotels, attractions, DMCs, and even an airline.”

Hong Kong’s Tourism Infrastructure

A significant aspect of Hong Kong’s appeal lies in its rich tourism infrastructure, including a variety of new attractions and experiences that have emerged in recent years. These include the only Disneyland with a Frozen themed area, the Cup Noodles Museum, Monopoly Dreams, and Legoland, alongside improved mobility options that enhance accessibility to South China and Macau.

Kumar shared that Hong Kong’s tourism strategy focuses on promoting its vibrant arts and culture. He explained, “Our tourism DNA is around arts, culture, outdoors, culinary, nightlife, entertainment, and mega-events. In 2024, we will be focusing on presenting and promoting a lot of new events and festivals to drive repeatability from the Indian market among Indian visitors.”

Culinary diversity is another cornerstone of Hong Kong’s tourism appeal, boasting over 17 Michelin-starred restaurants, including two Indian establishments, Chachawan and New Punjab Club. This diverse culinary landscape offers a wide array of dining experiences, from traditional Chinese and Cantonese cuisine to international flavours, catering to the varied palate of Indian travellers.

Innovation and Partnership Development

Kumar’s outlook for the future is optimistic, with plans to continue forging creative partnerships and enhancing the travel experience for Indian visitors. By focusing on connectivity, cultural exchange, and culinary diversity, Hong Kong aims to solidify its position as a top destination for Indian tourists.

The symbiotic relationship between Hong Kong and its Indian visitors will undoubtedly flourish, underpinned by shared values and a mutual enthusiasm for exploration and discovery. The relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, as articulated by Kumar, heralds a new dawn for international travel, redefining the paradigms of engagement and satisfaction for Indian voyagers and beyond.