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Najib Balala launches revised Magical Kenya Tourism and Travel Health and Safety Protocols


Tourism & Wildlife Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Najib Balala has launched the revised Magical Kenya Tourism and Travel Health and Safety Protocols for the ‘New Normal’.

“With the majority of people embracing the Covid-19 vaccines worldwide, we deem it important to issue a comprehensive Covid-19 vaccination policy and procedures for both guests and staff at all levels of establishments’ operations. That’s why today we are launching the reviewed protocols that were first issued in July 2020,” said CS Balala.

The CS also added that countries with the highest numbers of individuals that are vaccinated against Covid will be the ones receiving the highest numbers of tourists as people will find the destinations to be safe and healthy.

“Hospitality workers can also be considered to be frontline workers as they engage with visitors on a personal level. That is why we are urging our hospitality stakeholders to get vaccinated whenever they get the chance. On our part, we shall be liaising with CECs of Tourism and Health at County levels so that the stakeholders can be vaccinated,” added Balala.

The CS also advocated for self-regulating since there has been a lot of confusion when it comes to hospitality establishments. Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA) has been assigned the task of being the lead while working closely with other multi-agencies that are in the hospitality industry.

“We are aware that most regulated establishments have put in place measures to comply with Covid-19 protocols, and we commend them for that. However, there is a general laxity in full compliance especially when it comes to social distancing. Also, there are those that are not following or are trying to circumvent the laid down protocols. We want to tell them their days are numbered and that the long arm of the law will soon catch up with them,” noted Balala.

At the same time, clarification is on the timing. The nationwide curfew is from 10 pm to 4 am, and the hospitality industry should stop serving people at 9 pm.

The revised protocols can be accessed from our website via the link https://www.tourism.go.ke/magical-kenya-tourism-and-travel-healthand-safety-protocols/


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