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7 most beautiful hotels to stay in Lapland


Embracing the silence, observing pristine nature, immersing in the arctic night, and dancing Aurora Borealis on a clear-sky day – Finland is one of Europe’s last great wildernesses, with over 75 per cent of its area covered in forests and the world’s cleanest air. Irrespective of the destination and the season, the promise remains the same: unforgettable moments that will stay forever. Visit Finland offers a wide range of spectacular accommodations with an unobstructed view of nature and the magical Northern lights and the Midnight Sun.

Finland – The happiest place in the world

Here are some of the most beautiful accommodations in the heart of nature without any noise or light pollution in the land of happiness!

Magical Pond, Ruka-Kuusamo

Magical Pond Igloo Village in Ruka Kuusamo. Winter wonderland. Photo by All About Lapland.

Magical Pond is a collection of luxurious and sustainable igloos in Lapland with pure Scandinavian decor and a breath-taking view of the wilderness. If lucky, travelers will be able to spot the splendour of the Milky Way illuminated by the colours of the Northern Lights. Magical Pond has not only been awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland label but also the Green Key certificate, as it is highly dedicated to social, cultural, environmental, and economic responsibility, as the electricity is obtained from hydropower. Situated only 8 km from the Ruka Ski Resort, it is also a highlight for ski fans.

Arctic Skylight Lodge, Ylläs

Nestled in the hollow of a river valley in Pallas-Ylläs National Park, the Arctic Skylight Lodge unfolds with ten glass cabins, a lodge, and a restaurant. Whether you enjoy the high-class sauna that is located down by the Kukaslompolo lake or the great variety of different activities in Äkäslompolo, the Arctic Skylight Lounge is a place to reconnect with nature and oneself. And because well-being and nature are intimately linked, a glass-enclosed sauna immersing itself in nature offers a moment of absolute relaxation to experience the power of “löyly”, which is not only the name for the evaporating hot steam that rises from ´kiuas´ stoves after the water has been carefully poured on top of them, but also refers to the feeling of the heat as it envelopes you. The adjacent outdoor jacuzzi down by the river offers the perfect setting to enjoy the wonders of Lappish nature. 

Aurora Queen Resort, Ivalo

Aurora Queen Resort comprises 14 beautiful glass igloos with glass ceilings and panorama windows for a full-immersion view of the surrounding nature and northern lights without leaving the comfort of the bed. No gimmicks – just pure nature.

Not only is the igloo designed to maximize the view of the night sky, but all the details are carefully designed for comfort and indulgence. Premium-quality materials are used on every surface for a flawless stay. All igloos are fully equipped with their bathrooms and other comforts. The resort uses geothermal heating and solid wood materials. The resort can be reached within 45 minutes from Ivalo Airport. The hotel also offers activities such as a visit to the nearby reindeer farm, aurora hunting on snowshoes, frozen ring ice karting, and husky safaris.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, Rovaniemi

Like nests nestled among fire trees, the 32 suites and 5 chalets of the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel offer an experience like no other. Providing a panoramic view of the surroundings with their huge bay windows, they are the perfect haunts to admire the Lappish Forest in the Arctic Circle. Outside, nature is a real playground: ice-water fishing, dog sledging or reindeer rides, snowshoeing, northern lights hunt, and meeting Santa Claus.

The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel received several international awards. Using sustainable materials such as Finnish pine and green roofs suitable for rainwater management, it has been granted the Green Key eco-label and is the first labelled company in Rovaniemi that received the Sustainable Travel Finland label. 

Apukka Resort Lappish Kamit suite, Rovaniemi

Apukka Resort Rovaniemi Lapland Finland. Kammi Suite. Photo by All About Lapland

Step inside the marvellous tales of Northland in Rovaniemi. As the seasons change, the resort evolves and offers wilderness experiences like no other. The history of Apukka Resort revolves around the North and all the stories it carries. The idea is to highlight the country’s heritage and the rich stories of the past told around a campfire. Many old hand-built log homes have found new life on the Apukka premises. Here, these architectural masterpieces, all telling their own stories from the pages of history, will live on for decades. 

The Lappish Kammi Suites are authentic, ecological, and most importantly, filled with stories from the past. Equipped with a kitchenette and comfortable twin bed under a sky view window, the Lappish Kammi Suites provide a perfect setting for the unfolding of your own unforgettable story. 

Arctic Fox Igloos, Ranua

In southern Finnish Lapland, Arctic Fox Igloos unveils glass igloos with an impressive view of nearby Lake Ranuanjärvi. Arctic Fox Igloos is located in the heart of nature on the peaceful shores of the lake. The Igloos have been built in such a manner that each offers an unobstructed view across the open lake to the far-reaching northern horizons. On the edge of the wilderness, outdoor activities abound all year long, including swimming, hiking, and snowmobiling. The Arctic Fox Igloos teams also offer husky- and reindeer safaris.

Near the igloos, not far from the town of Ranua, the Arctic Wildlife Park can be found, where travelers can see authentic Arctic foxes, the only polar bears in Finland, and more than 50 other Arctic animals. The animals live in huge enclosures amidst the northern forests in their natural environment.

Northern Lights Village, Levi

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The Aurora Cabins at the Northern Lights Village are a magical way to experience the wintry star-filled sky and the Northern lights while laying comfortably in a warm bed. The laser-heated glass roof opens up into the northern sky, directly above the bed. At the stroke of a button, all the snow will be removed from the glass roof, allowing visitors the greatest view of the sky. The private fireplace in each suite gives an impression of extreme comfort and coziness.

With the activities and packages offered by the village, it is possible to live all the Finnish experiences even in a short stay: skiing, snowshoeing, husky rides, reindeer safaris, northern lights photography, or visiting the farms of the resort. Everything is done to live a fantastic moment in a Finnish way.

If you are planning a trip to Finland, it is important to know the current requirements to enter this magical and stunning country.

  • A person may be granted entry into Finland from any country if they present a certificate of having received a complete and valid COVID-19 vaccination series at least 7 days prior to entry. COVISHIELD™, COVAXIN®, COVOVAX™ are approved by Finland.
  • A certificate of a full series of vaccinations is valid for 9 months (270 days). After this, a booster shot is required. After the booster shot, the certificate is valid until further notice. The requirements apply to persons born in 2006 or earlier.
  • In case of travelling with minors, Persons who meet the requirements above may enter Finland accompanied by minor children. Children born in 2007 or later do not have to take part in any health security measures.