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The Sumo Hall Hirakuza Osaka, Japan’s new entertainment show hall to open in 2024


Hanshin Contents Link Corporation is set to open “The Sumo Hall Hirakuza Osaka” in the Namba Parks commercial facility in Osaka, scheduled for the early summer of 2024. The Sumo Hall Hirakuza Osaka is Japan’s new entertainment show hall where you can enjoy a Sumo show while dining and step onto the stage (called dohyo) to interact with them and take photos.

Two evening shows will be held daily (approximately 60 minutes per show), allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Sumo. Additionally, there is free time (approximately 30 minutes per show) for interacting, taking photos up close with former professional Sumo wrestlers, and shopping for original HIRAKUZA goods and souvenirs. The show commentary is in the English language, introducing their age-old history spanning over 1500 years, rules, and daily lives, which make them a friendly host for foreigners.

All show tickets come with an original Japanese bento (a Japanese-style lunch box) featuring Osaka specialties and one drink. High-end bento and vegan options are also available upon request (additional charges may apply). The location is downtown, very convenient, and tourist-friendly, easily reachable with an approximate 20-minute walk from the Dotonbori River and close to Namba Station.