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Santa’s Surprise – Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa introduces Hideaway Majesty, three-bedroom luxury yacht experience

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Festive is truly here as the year comes to an end, and Santa is busy getting everything ready for Christmas. One such gift he comes bearing all the way from the North Pole is a Luxury Three-Bedroom Ferretti yacht for us at Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa. If you are looking for the perfect way to explore the stunning island nation of the Maldives, then look no further than the newly launched Hideaway Majesty yacht at the resort. This luxurious yacht is the perfect way to get around and enjoy the many sights and sounds of the Maldives in the vicinity of the resort.

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Hideaway Majesty offers three bedrooms, perfect for couples, groups, or families to stay and relax in while they enjoy the surrounding beauty near Hideaway and make unforgettable memories. The yacht can be booked for transfers and charters, allowing guests to stay and explore the many islands, lagoons, and beaches that is around the enchanting Haa Alifu Atoll in North Maldives.

Hideaway Majesty is Here (2)

The yacht features state-of-the-art amenities, allowing guests to enjoy the best of both worlds: the comfort of a luxurious stay and the excitement of exploring the open waters. The yacht has a kitchen at a well-equipped galley, an outdoor terrace with comfortable seating, an indoor dining lounge, an entertainment system, air-conditioned cabins, and even a crew to ensure that your stay on board is nothing short of perfect.

Hideaway Majesty is Here (2)

Hideaway Majesty is used to transport our guests to great curated locations for them to enjoy Hideaway’s truly Maldivian experiences. Up to 12 guests can experience what Majesty has to offer if booked as a private excursion or day trip. Guests can hire it for different activities including a unique dining experience, a magnificent dolphin cruise, private snorkelling and diving excursion, and a sunset cruise inclusive of champagne and canapes. Guests may charter the yacht privately for half or full-day excursions too which include a private sandbank picnic. Hideaway Majesty can also be booked for an overnight stay which is called the Liveaboard and Hideaway Experience. All in all, experiences booked on the yacht can be customised completely based on the guests’ preferences.

Hideaway Majesty is also available for guest transfers (upon request at a special rate) from Maafaru International Airport to the resort. The ride to Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa via yacht will take about 4 hours from Maafaru International Airport.

The yacht is the perfect way to explore and experience the beauty of the Maldives. From snorkelling and swimming in crystal-clear waters to exploring the nearby islands, there is something for everyone to do and enjoy. With its luxurious amenities and plenty of activities, it is sure to make your stay in the Maldives a memorable one. So, don’t wait any longer and book your stay at Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa or its Signature Collection to experience the brand-new experience at the resort today and enjoy the sunny side of life in style