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Riyadh: A Wonderland of Culture and Entertainment


Saudi often revered for its spiritual significance and historical treasures has now transformed into an all-year-round destination full of diversity and warmth. The destination has a lot to offer for all kinds of travellers, for instance, Jeddah combines its history and culture while the Red Sea offers thrilling marine adventures, AlUla unfolds the pages of history, while Riyadh paints a new picture of Saudi that seamlessly blends the traditional Arab hospitality and modern-day amenities. The capital city of Riyadh introduces travellers to Saudi’s multifaceted charm where they can immerse themselves in this safe haven that is a treasure trove of cultural exploration.

Shopping Haven

Anyone looking for an indulgent shopping spree, cannot miss Riyadh! With premier shopping destinations like U Walk and Riyadh Park, discerning visitors are in for a treat with an array of global brands. U Walk not only elevates your shopping experience but also offers fun and interactive dining options. Riyadh Park stands out with its extensive selection of both international and local brands, providing a shopping haven complete with attractions like the Museum of Illusions for an extra dose of fun and entertainment.

For History Buffs

For travellers keen on knowing more about the Kingdom’s history, a visit to the King Abdulaziz Museum will be an unforgettable experience. It is a journey through the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Continue your walk through the past at the ancient Al-Masmak Palace which stands tall in the middle of the city with walls that sing the story of momentous events that shaped the Kingdom. The majestic fortress was then turned into a warehouse for ammunition, later a prison, and now is a tourist destination complete with a museum inside.

Thrill Seekers Paradise

Thrill Seekers camping near Elephant Rock, AlUla

Cross the Empty Quarter or the Rub Al Khali, the largest contiguous desert which offers adventures like desert driving in a topography ranging from 600 to 2000 feet above sea level, hot sulfuric water Jacuzzis and more while setting the stage for some spectacular sunsets. The adventure continues with Dune bashing at King Khalid Royal Reserve north of Riyadh which is filled with diverse wildlife and plant life around its golden dunes.

Culinary Junction

A man and woman drinking tea in Al-Ula Old Town

Throughout the stay in Riyadh, one has the option to choose from traditional meals like cardamom coffee made from camel milk with dates and Kabsa, a hearty rice dish served with spicy roast meat. Do not miss a good Shakshuka or Thareed, which is a meat stew served on thin bread, known to have been a favourite dish of the Prophet Muhammad. ‘Umm Ali’ is a pastry dessert filled with honey, nuts, cinnamon and milk and is baked until golden brown. It is available in many cafes across the country. Apart from traditional dishes, Saudi is home to many fine dining restaurants and food trucks that offer global cuisine. In Oud Square, one can enjoy fresh yogurt in Eggplant Fatteh at Leila Min Lebanon, a restaurant that specialises in oriental food, while Monopoly Garden offers delicious pasta options and innovative salads. One can try Crazy Pizza for some irresistible pizzas!

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