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Iran’s visa-free travel for Indian citizens and 27 other countries comes into effect


In a bid to boost tourism and enhance global interaction, the Islamic Republic of Iran has introduced visa-free travel for citizens of India and 27 other nations, effective from Sunday, February 4. This move is part of Iran’s broader strategy to attract more visitors from around the world.

Indian citizens can now benefit from visa-free entry to Iran when traveling by plane; however, those entering through land borders are still required to obtain visas.

In December 2023, Iran announced lifting visa requirements for citizens from 33 countries, showcasing positive developments in its diplomatic ties.

Iran’s Tourism Minister, Ezzatollah Zarghami, explained that the decision aimed to showcase Iran’s commitment to global interaction, counter negative perceptions and rumors, and address the phenomenon of ‘Iranophobia’ perpetuated by the global system.

The move comes after the Ministry of Tourism’s proposal in 2022 to simplify travel and promote tourism by eliminating visa requirements for passport holders from 68 countries.

During the first eight months of 2023, Iran saw a 48.5 per cent rise in foreign tourist arrivals to 4.4 million.

Previously, Iran had lifted visa requirements for the citizens of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Oman, China, Armenia, Lebanon, and Syria.