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Emirates SkyCargo takes Indian SMEs global


Emirates SkyCargo, the airfreight division of Emirates, has played a vital role as a trade facilitator for Indian businesses since 1985. As the global economy slowly recovers, the air cargo carrier continues to empower small and medium-sized enterprises in India with its extensive network, wide-body aircraft, and cool chain technologies. Recognising the importance of UN Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Emirates SkyCargo continues to support and help local businesses expand further to global markets.

As a leading centre for research and development in plant biotechnology, India is home to KF Bioplants ‚Äď the country‚Äôs largest plant biotech company located in Maharashtra. In partnership with ILogistics ‚Äď a logistics freight company based in India – Emirates SkyCargo helps KF Bioplants transport temperature sensitive plant biotech shipments from Mumbai to global destinations. In the last two years, the air cargo carrier has exported nearly 200 tonnes of shipments for KF Bioplants to leading global destinations for floriculture and horticulture including the Netherlands, Kenya and Australia. With Emirates Fresh, an integrated cool chain solution, the air cargo carrier is able to ensure that the products developed by KF Bioplants can travel within designated temperature and humidity ranges on flights.

SME communities in India continue to be empowered by Emirates SkyCargo‚Äôs unique offerings and expertise. In addition to providing advanced cool chain facilities, the air cargo carrier helps with shipment management and security, custom clearance and on-ground support. As India‚Äôs economy slowly recovers, Emirates SkyCargo continues to link and support local businesses to the world.  

Earlier this month, Emirates SkyCargo supported D.M. Enterprises, an export trading company in Kolkata, to transport 16 varieties of mango from Kolkata to Bahrain ‚Äď a first-ever shipment of its kind from the city. The two tonne consignment consisted of mangoes sourced from local farmers in West Bengal and Bihar.

The air cargo carrier also supports Catch of Norway Seafood, a family business based out of Bengaluru and Oslo that imports and distributes salmon and other seafood to end customers across the country. From its early days of setting up business in India, Emirates SkyCargo has and continues to support the facilitation and rapid movement of fresh seafood from Oslo to Bengaluru via Dubai.

Recognising the vital role SMEs play in global economic recovery ‚Äď Emirates recently announced an Emirates Business Rewards programme initiative to celebrate small and medium sized businesses. Small and medium sized businesses who sign up for an account to Emirates‚Äô Business Rewards corporate loyalty programme from 27 June to 27 July 2021 will receive a bonus of 10,000 Business Reward Points. 

Through its cargo flights to more than 135 destinations across six continents, Emirates SkyCargo also plays an important role globally in the transportation of medical equipment and essential goods.  In May 2021, Emirates launched a humanitarian airbridge between Dubai and India to transport urgent medical and relief items to support the country in its fight to control COVID-19. During a three week period in May 2021, Emirates SkyCargo flew 100 tonnes of relief materials across nine cities, free of charge, from Dubai to support the Indian community.


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