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The ultimate Maldivian adventure for luxury travel partners at Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts

Vignesh Mohan, Director of Sales for Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts and 25 Indian travel agent partners at their familiarization tour

With the growing prominence of the Maldives in the Indian outbound market, one of the leading hospitality groups, Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts, organised a familiarisation tour for 25 Indian travel agent partners to six of their Maldives properties. Atmosphere which is well known for its brands – THE OZEN COLLECTION, COLOURS OF OBLU and By Atmosphere. The objective of the visit was to familiarise the agents with the brand architecture, as well as experience the unique Atmosphere hospitality, weaved with the values of the Joy of Giving.

The two group familiarisation tours began simultaneously. The first group kicked off their trip from OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi and OBLU SELECT Lobigili followed by OBLU NATURE Helengeli. The following day the partners started with OBLU Select Sangeli before moving on to the next property, VARU by Atmosphere. On the other hand, the second group started from VARU by Atmosphere and then to OBLU SELECT Sangeli followed by OBLU NATURE Helengeli and concluded at OBLU NATURE Helengeli.

On the occasion of this familiarisation tour, Vignesh Mohan, Director of Sales for Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts said, “It was an opportunity for our partners to experience the “Joy of Giving”, which they have been extending to our mutual customers and guests in India. It was important to us that all segments of the trade community experience this and thus we invited our wholesale partners along with the travel agents. We especially focused on some of our gastronomic offerings including Indian and international cuisine, along with outdoor activities and wellness initiatives.” 

Maldives offers the Indian traveller, a dream destination in close proximity and still undiscovered. Its natural place in the Indian ocean creates for an appealing union of azuring views of the blue, a taste of the Maldivian culture, adventure sports and wellness. The itinerary was specifically curated in a manner that brought key elements of the experience to the fore, including exquisite gastronomy at the specialty restaurants in each of the resorts and the under-ocean restaurant Only BLU at OBLU SELECT Lobigili and OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi. An escape to the view of the alluring Indian Ocean with exemplary services and exclusive dinners at all the properties left the tour group of 20 luxury travel partners from India captivated.