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Yucatan Tourism in association with Travstarz Global Group hosts Indian agents at Tianguis Turistico 2021, Merida


Yucatan Tourism, Mexico in association with Travstarz Global Group, hosted Indian agents at the recently concluded Tianguis Turistico 2021, Merida, Mexico, a Networking Exhibition showcasing the Yucatan Region and Mexico as a destination. The show started with a pre-Fam for the agents from 12 to 15 November with the main event from 16 to 19 November 2021.

“It was great to take our partners once again with us for this trip and see things get back to normal post covid. We have been working very closely with various Tourism Boards as their Promotion Partner in India and Yucatan Tourism too keenly partnered with us to invite good potential agents who can genuinely promote Mexico as a destination in India. We chose all the partners very carefully to do full justice to the trust posed on us by Yucatan Tourism as this was a fully hosted FAM. I am really glad that Yucatan Tourism was all praises for our partners and all our partners too enjoyed the trip and had a great show,” said Sucheta Nagpal, Director & CEO, Travstarz Global Group who led the delegation herself to the destination. The agents further added the below comments and were very appreciative of the arrangements made by the authorities along with Travstarz Global Group.

“Extremely honoured to be part of a terrific show by Tianguis Touristico in Merida and indeed grateful to Sucheta & Pankaj Nagpal for choosing us as one of the agents to represent India to explore a country with great history and culture and the most awesome beaches in the world, all in all it’s time to do justice to this gorgeous country Mexico,” said Ajay Chhabria, Partner Director, Intime Travel by Design.

“Thank you Travstarz, Sucheta and Pankaj for an amazing opportunity for learning and exploring a region that’s so eccentric, the Pre-Fam showcased the Mayan history, culture and heritage, the natural beauty of Los Coloradas, San Filipe, and the Mayan ruins light and sound show at Uxmal was exhilarating. The most intriguing part was to attend the Tianguis Touristico show in Merida which showcased all of Mexico’s region under one roof,” said Vyoma Bhatt, Managing Partner, Aspen Vacations.

“A big shoutout to Sucheta and Pankaj, Travstarz for making me explore the rich and exotic Mexican culture. From viewing the seventh wonder of the world, Chinchenitza to diving into Cenotes the experience was one of a kind. Absolutely loved the off-beat experiences of Glamping, Mangrove walks at San Felipe and Los Coloradas. The Tianguis Touristico Show in Merida was a great opportunity to learn about Mexico and promote it better in the India market,” said Neerja Arora, Managing Director, Flag Travel Services.

“Extremely honoured to be part of Tianguis Touristico in Merida and representing India, to witness the amazing showcase of the Yucatan region and whole of Mexico under one roof. Brilliantly curated pre-Fam to explore and experience the country and Yucatan region. Thank you Travstarz, Sucheta and Pankaj Nagpal for putting in a lot of effort to make our experience smooth,” said Manmeet Bhatia, Co-founder, Holiday Ink.

“Thank you Sucheta, Pankaj & Travstarz Team for taking us onboard this journey to explore, learn and understand Mexico as a destination at Tianguis Touristico 2021 in Merida. These 10 days in Mexico enhanced my knowledge and gave me a wonderful perspective about the destinations,” said Purvi Jhaveri, Founder, ways2wander.

“It was a great pleasure to be a part of this amazing trip to Mexico organised by Travstarz with Yucatan Tourism and attend Tianguis TurĂ­stico MĂ©xico in MĂ©rida, Capital of YucatĂĄn. Special thanks to Pankaj and Sucheta for all their hard work. It was wonderful to explore the uncharted beauty of Mexico and learn about the culture and history of the lost Mayan civilization. ‘Mexico: Live It to Believe It’ will be the perfect tagline,” said Vanessa.


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