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Kuda Villingili: A Fusion of Opulence, Adventure, and Sustainability

Kuda Villingili Maldives

The Maldives, renowned for its stunning island properties, welcomes a remarkable addition to its hospitality landscape. Kuda Villingili, an ultra-luxury resort, sets itself apart from the competition with its unparalleled features and exceptional services. In an exclusive interview, Gaurav Makhijani, Director, Sales and Marketing, Kuda Villingili, sheds light on the distinctive qualities of this captivating property. With a focus on Indian travellers, Kuda Villingili delivers an extraordinary experience, seamlessly blending luxury, convenience, and cultural immersion.

– Vartik Sethi

Gaurav Makhijani, Director, Sales and Marketing, Kuda Villingili
Gaurav Makhijani, Director, Sales and Marketing, Kuda Villingili

Exquisite Features and Unmatched Hospitality

Gaurav Makhijani highlights the exceptional qualities that distinguish Kuda Villingili from other island properties. Boasting a prime location in the Maldives, the resort offers an ideal getaway with its solid infrastructure, private pools, and all-inclusive amenities. With its close proximity to the airport and a 25-minute speedboat transfer, Kuda Villingili ensures a hassle-free and swift arrival for its discerning guests.

A Culinary Haven

Kuda Villingili Maldives

Catering to the diverse palate of its guests, Kuda Villingili stands out with its extraordinary culinary offerings. Makhijani proudly introduces “Spice,” the resort’s Indian restaurant curated by the revered Qureshi brothers, descendants of a 450-year-old family renowned for their Mughal-style cooking. The fusion cuisine, including exquisite kebabs and lamb chops, provides an unparalleled gastronomic experience that transcends boundaries. Additionally, the resort offers an array of seven food and beverage outlets and three bars, a rare find among all-inclusive resorts.

Enchanting Activities and Experiences

Makhijani elaborates on the captivating activities and excursions that await guests at Kuda Villingili. The resort showcases a breathtaking coral garden, providing easy and safe snorkeling experiences for guests of all ages. Diving enthusiasts can explore diverse marine life, from enchanting dolphins and manta rays to awe-inspiring sharks. Kuda Villingili’s strategic location ensures that guests can witness these mesmerising creatures within a short boat ride. Additionally, the resort offers a range of exclusive experiences, including a sunset cruise, floating breakfast, and access to a dedicated wellness spa island, all of which are thoughtfully incorporated into the all-inclusive packages.

Luxurious Accommodations

Kuda Villingili Maldives

Meticulously designed to cater to diverse preferences, Kuda Villingili offers 75 keys in total. The resort comprises 36 water villas, half of which feature private pools, while the remaining 47 villas are nestled along the pristine beachfront. Ranging from one-bedroom to four-bedroom configurations, these spacious accommodations provide guests with the utmost comfort and privacy, ensuring an unforgettable stay in paradise.

Kuda Villingili Maldives

Tailored Offers and Pristine Luxury

Acknowledging the price sensitivity of Indian travellers, Makhijani emphasises Kuda Villingili’s commitment to offering attractive deals and discounts without compromising the quality and exclusivity of the experience. The resort’s marketing strategy revolves around limited-time offers, generating significant buzz in the market and securing bookings. These offers include a host of value-added amenities such as spa treatments, sunset cruises, and floating breakfast experiences, exclusively tailored for Indian guests booking a private pool villa.

Embracing the Family Market

Makhijani acknowledged the changing dynamics of the market, stating that honeymoons were no longer the sole focus. Instead, family vacations have become the primary segment driving the industry’s growth. To cater to this demand, Kuda Villingili has undergone a significant reconfiguration of its room offerings. Makhijani explained, “We have clubbed two rooms together, allowing families to stay in proximity while maintaining individual privacy. This approach ensures that families can enjoy their vacation together comfortably.”

Kuda Villingili Resort Maldives

Optimising Stay Duration

When asked about the ideal duration for a visit to Kuda Villingili, Makhijani stressed the importance of maximising the value for guests. He recommended a minimum stay of four nights to fully indulge in the resort’s offerings. Makhijani pointed out that guests staying for three nights miss out on exclusive experiences such as spa treatments, sunset cruises, and floating breakfasts. By extending their stay to four nights, visitors can enjoy these premium amenities without incurring additional costs. He emphasised, “Booking for four nights ensures that guests get the best return on their investment, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in our resort experience.”

Sustainability at the Core

Recognising the growing importance of sustainability in the hospitality industry, Makhijani highlighted Kuda Villingili’s commitment to eco-friendly practices. While many resorts have adopted basic sustainability measures, Kuda Villingili has taken it a step further. Makhijani revealed, “We have shut down our operations for two hours to shift the entire resort to solar energy. This extensive project took us six months to complete, and we are immensely proud to be a 100 per cent solar-powered resort.” He emphasised that the resort’s ownership’s involvement in the real estate sector enabled them to understand the significance of sustainable practices fully.

Diverse Source Markets

Discussing Kuda Villingili’s primary source markets, Makhijani noted that they experienced fluctuations over time. Currently, the largest chunk of guests originates from Russia, followed by the Middle East and the UK. Surprisingly, the resort attracts visitors from unexpected corners of the globe. Makhijani revealed, “We have a specific niche market from Brazil and Australia due to our exceptional wave surfing opportunities. The waves can be as high as 10 meters, we attract avid surfers seeking a unique experience.”

Surfing in Kuda Villingili Resort Maldives

In conclusion, Gaurav Makhijani shed light on the remarkable changes occurring in the Maldives’ luxury hospitality sector. Kuda Villingili’s adaptability to cater to the growing family market, emphasis on optimal stay duration, commitment to sustainability, and ability to attract diverse source markets make it a frontrunner in providing an unforgettable resort experience. As the industry evolves, Kuda Villingili sets new standards and continues to redefine luxury in the Maldives.