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Floral extravaganza by Delhi Tourism unfolds at the 36th Garden Tourism Festival

Delhi Tourism 36th Garden Tourism Festival

The 36th Garden Tourism Festival is currently underway at the Garden of Five Senses in New Delhi. Organised by Delhi Tourism in collaboration with the Delhi Government, the three-day event commenced on February 16 and will continue until February 18, 2024. Spanning across 20 acres, the festival’s venue at the Garden of Five Senses offers a serene escape from the hustle of urban life. The lush green surroundings provide tranquil moments amidst the fast-paced city life.

The theme of the 36th Garden Tourism Festival is “The Earth Laughs in Flowers.” As spring emerges, the earth transforms into a captivating spectacle. As we all know, the vibrant greenery and blossoming flowers create a picturesque scene, evoking a sense of joy that seems to resonate throughout the entire planet. Flowers, with their enchanting fragrances, have become a universal delight, appealing to individuals of all ages who seek solace in their beauty.

The festival features a competition across 32 plant categories, showcasing a diverse range from cacti to dahlias, lilies, roses, chrysanthemums, potted plants, and more. The display includes plants in various states, such as those separated from pots and hanging from baskets, as well as potted vegetables and medicinal plants.

The main participants taking part in the garden tourism festival are the Horticulture Department, DDA, MCD, Northern Railway, and Delhi Jal Board, etc. Fresh plants, garden equipment, fertilisers and other horticulture products are also available for sale.

In alignment with specific subject categories, institutions such as NDMC, MCD, DJB, Northern Railway, etc., are crafting miniature gardens as models for the competition. These themed creations include elements like plants in hanging baskets, seasonal flowers, floral figures of animals and birds, aromatic plants, terrace gardens, and systematically arranged flowers separated from plants.

Delhi Tourism is also organising an ‘on-the-spot painting competition’ for school students at the festival. Cultural programmes are organised every evening. The Garden Tourism Festival is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. The entry fee is Rs 35 per person.