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Tourism India Alliance launched, to connect 5 lakh travel agents across 300 cities in India


The Tourism India Alliance (TIA) is a group initiative of seasoned industry professionals who have come together with the objective of bringing a substantial portion of Indian travel agents from the unorganised sector into the alliance. The association was recently launched at a gathering of industry stalwarts and stakeholders at the Park Hotel in Delhi.

Tourism India Alliance (TIA) Team

The TIA vision, commitment, and promise is to connect approximately three to five lakh travel agents in 300 smaller towns of India under one umbrella. TIA strives to provide education and share knowledge that empowers and builds a network that supports and passionately advocates the growth of the travel Industry.

Reinforcing the ethos behind the formation of TIA, Jagdeep Bhagat, one of the founder members stated, “Associations must be run not merely in the interests of their founders and office bearers, but equally in those of their members, of the stakeholders of their industry, of the industry itself and finally of the country as a whole.”

In its collaborative endeavour, TIA invites industry stakeholders to be a part of something truly special so that every corner of the country is represented. TIA is a unique association, where knowledge is a driving force, where connections flourish, and where every member’s voice is heard.