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TAT launches ‘Thailand Specialist Program’


Tourism Authority of Thailand has launched the ‘Thailand Specialist Program’, an industry-focused training course that is designed for advisors, operators and other travel partners.

The program is designed to educate and update travel trade partners on all the new attractions and offerings to help them understand the destination better. The Program is divided into eight modules and covers everything from what’s new in the leisure segment, to history, food, culture and events.

On completion of all 8 modules successfully the participants will receive the Tourism Authority of Thailand – accredited travel specialist certificate. The certificate is conferred upon the individual participant of the programme and enables the program participants to create delightful Thailand travel experiences.

This online training course provides travel advisors with the inspiration, knowledge and confidence to create unforgettable itineraries to sell (and upsell) clients for their trips to the land of smiles.  On completion of ‘Thailand Specialist Program’, our trade partners will not only expand their knowledge and expertise of the country, including discovering off-the-beaten-track, attractions; they will also be kept up to date with the latest news and information from the Tourism Board,” opines Cholada Siddhivarn, Director Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mumbai office.

Modules include those such as What Makes Thailand Amazing, Thailand Expert – Central Thailand, Thailand Expert – Northern & Northeastern Thailand, Thailand Expert East Thailand, Thailand Expert – Southern Thailand: Andaman Sea, Thailand Expert – Southern Thailand Gulf of Thailand, Thailand Expert – Discover Thailand Communities & Local Experiences and more.

Vachirachai Sirisumpan, Director Tourism Authority of Thailand, New Delhi Office said,“Thailand is one of the favourite destinations for Indian tourists and many travel agents are well aware and know Thailand very well. Therefore, as Thailand is gradually opening the country for fully vaccinated international tourists including those from India, the “Thai Specialist Program” would be a tool kit for travel agents both front-line, product and marketing team to further update themselves about Thailand, on both popular and upcoming products and services in various destinations in Thailand”

Travel advisors may sign up for the Thailand Specialist program at https://tourismthailand.in/thailand-specialist-programme-3/


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