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One Rep Global mastering manoeuvres of Tourism Representation

Hemant Mediratta, Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer, One Rep Global, HMC Enterprises

As India’s outbound tourism surges, an exponential increase in tourism representation companies intensifies competition among players. Delving into this evolving landscape, Hemant Mediratta, Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer, One Rep Global, HMC Enterprises, shares insights into the rapid ascent of his company, highlighting key success factors and outlining the company’s vision and ambitious expansion goals.

– Prativa Vaidya Bhalla

One Rep Global stands out as one of India’s premier representation companies specialising in luxury and ultra-luxury hospitality, tourism, and lifestyle brands. It serves a diverse portfolio of over 20 brands spanning 17 countries, including hotels, private villas, jets, tourism boards, and shopping destinations. The curated selection of partners includes globally recognised entities like Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, Paris’s shopping mall offering personal shopper assistance, My Private Villas, synonymous with personalised concierge services, and Air-Dynamic, dedicated to elevating private air journeys. Hemant shared, “We empower luxury brands to generate incremental revenue and foster a profound connection with their audience, cultivating enduring brand love. Simultaneously, we are dedicated to immersing Indian consumers in luxurious experiences that transcend the ordinary, introducing them to the epitome of global offerings.”

The genesis of One Rep Global was a planned move driven by a resolute vision to bring luxury hospitality brands closer to the discerning Indian consumer. Though it coincided with the turbulent times of the pandemic, in hindsight, it turned out to be a good starting point. The unconventional timing was utilised to navigate extraordinary challenges, attract top-tier talents, bootstrap efficiently, and establish global partnerships with luxury labels. Reflecting on the journey, Hemant stated, “Today, when you look back, it is that hardship that shaped us to innovate and create demand drivers. One such success is that now India proudly ranks among the top five nationalities for a lot of our partners.”

The Year of Success

2023 witnessed an immense surge in travel, driven by key factors that solidified the influence of Indian consumers in global travel metrics. India’s rising GDP, buoyed by strong corporate sectors and a robust stock market resulted in increased disposable incomes specially allocated to travel expenditures. Moreover, the latter part of the year witnessed a decrease in international airfares, making travel more affordable and accessible. Strategic marketing initiatives by international brands tailored to the Indian consumer fuelled a notable increase in outbound travel. “Throughout 2023, we strategically expanded our portfolio by welcoming prestigious brands like The Grand Ho Tram, Vietnam’s entertainment capital, Hilton Yala Resort, Hotel Grand Kronenhof, and Kulm Hotel St. Moritz in Switzerland, to name a few,” he informed.

The One Rep Philosophy

Its distinctive approach, embodied in a triple pronged-PET philosophy, focuses on people, execution excellence, and technology integration, and this sets One Rep Global apart in the representation business. People philosophy is rooted in recruiting, training, and empowering the right individuals, fostering a culture of trust, transparency, and dedication to performance. Exhibiting its commitment to continuous executive development, One Rep Global launched ILead Academy in collaboration with the ILead Institute in Kolkata, providing tailored courses for the professional growth of working individuals. Execution excellence signifies the unparalleled capabilities of the in-house team of trained professionals dedicated to propelling incremental revenue and nurturing brand love among partners. Its extensive network covers 25 plus cities, including Tier 2 and 3, providing deep insights into diverse consumer mindsets. The ‘T’ represents a technology-driven mindset, utilising AI to boost efficiency in generating revenue for partners while ensuring its position at the forefront of innovation in the representation business.

Demand for Luxury Tourism Representation

The outbound luxury travel market from India is undergoing significant expansion, propelled by shifting consumer preferences. Hemant foresees this trend persisting, placing particular emphasis on the exploration of offbeat destinations, the curation of unique experiences, and a commitment to embracing sustainable practices. He said, “Notably, the demographic landscape plays a crucial role in this surge, with 75 per cent of Indian travellers being below the age of 35. Combined with the projected increase in per capita income, both presently and in 2027, these factors are poised to drive substantial growth in the outbound luxury travel sector from India.”

The demand for luxury hotel representation services in India is evolving as brands recognise the need for strategic insights and comprehensive marketing approaches to attract discerning Indian traveller. Providing insights into the driving forces behind this trend, Hemant explained, “A burgeoning middle class with increased purchasing power, featuring 169 billionaires and approximately 796,000 millionaires, signifies a robust consumer base capable of indulging in luxury experiences.” Additionally, he noted, “A noticeable shift in income distribution, evidenced by a surge in Indians earning more than 240,000 USD per annum, reflects the growing affluence and adoption of aspirational lifestyle choices. The strategic entry of European luxury brands, capitalising on India’s aspirational class and evolving consumer preferences, further fuels the attractiveness of the market.”

One Rep Global’s rapid acquisition of new clients and its expanding portfolio highlight the immense potential of this expanding market. Highlighting the company’s triple-tier advantage for clients, Hemant stated, “Firstly, our unwavering commitment to superior ROI ensures that every investment yields exponential results. Secondly, we seamlessly pave the way to new markets, expanding horizons across diverse geographies, segments, and emerging channels.” This allows them to safeguard the clients’ invaluable time by taking the lead in exploring uncharted business territories, allowing them to concentrate on their core strengths amidst the intricacies of market expansion. “Lastly, we redefine the representation of luxury brands with an exceptional team that not only looks and feels the part but also speaks the language of true luxury, setting us apart in the industry,” he added.

Race for Representation

One Rep Global adopts a premium positioning strategy to distinguish itself. Instead of succumbing to a race to the bottom, the emphasis is on delivering value. Hemant pointed out, “We set ourselves apart through a focus on ROI-driven results, catering to discerning clientele, and fostering collaborative partnerships with luxury brands. Our commitment to quality, transparency, and the unique experiences offered by our partner hotels helps mitigate the risk of price-driven competition.” With its innovative approach involving strategic partnerships, personalised client strategies, a dedicated effort to cultivate brand love, and premium positioning, it ensures a nuanced and effective approach that goes beyond mere price. He added, “I have always advocated that we form synergies and collaborations in whichever industry we work. There is demonstrable evidence across hospitality and tourism businesses, which we want to bring to the representation business and call upon solopreneurs and smaller representation companies to join hands with us and aim to create together, world-class organisations in this business.”

Client Servicing Strategies

Strategies revolve around consistently delivering exceptional results, ensuring maximum value for clients, and a firm commitment to fulfilling promises. Fostering long-term relationships, transparency, and effective communication while leveraging an understanding of local market dynamics to succeed in diverse environments ensures an enduring strategy to provide lasting value for all stakeholders. The digital arm, Eleven INC, plays a pivotal role in supporting all marketing activities, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful approach. The launch of One Edge, a series of webinar sessions facilitating direct interaction between principles and clients, enables them to learn about products, participate in Q&A sessions, and win prizes, enhancing engagement and direct connections.

Expansion Goals for 2024

“Our vision is to establish One Rep Global as one of the premier representation companies globally, specialising in the luxury and ultra-luxury space. This involves a steadfast commitment to building an efficient, ROI-driven sales organisation that remains adaptable to market dynamics while embracing innovative strategies,” Hemant articulated.

Years 2024 and 2025 are anticipated to be pivotal for One Rep Global, aligning with a significant inflection point for outbound tourism from India. By 2027, India is expected to emerge as the world’s third-largest economy, concurrently securing a position among the top five outbound markets globally as key luxury hospitality brands look to target the India outbound market. To capitalise on this trajectory, One Rep Global is dedicated to establishing a robust foundation, infrastructure, and capabilities, propelling the representation industry to new heights. Strategic assessments of evolving consumer behaviours and market dynamics are underway in Tier 2 and 3 cities, recognising their potential for exponential growth while cultivating collaborative relationships with individual partners and leveraging their unique expertise towards mutual success.

Trends for Luxury Representation

The evolving travel trends in India see a shift to purposeful and upscale experiences, with a focus on authenticity, sustainability, wellness, and immersive activities. One Rep Global’s newest destination partner, Courchevel Tourisme, the world ski capital spanning six villages and 102 ski slopes, is the perfect example of this emerging trend. Ongoing exploration of opportunities in branded residences and villas will provide additional revenue streams, catering to evolving consumer preferences. Brand partner Offbeat Villas, with its 175,000 options for alternate accommodations, a pure B2B player, is a great example of this growing trend. Finally, women are assuming key leadership roles in the luxury sector, championing inclusivity and enhancing diversity within the industry. One Rep Global wholeheartedly embraces inclusivity, with 65 per cent of the workforce comprising women.

The combination of purposeful experiences, strategic expansion, diversified offerings, and inclusive leadership is poised to drive the thriving representation landscape in India. Hemant concluded, “We will see a substantial growth in global luxury hospitality and tourism products coming to India to get business. The representation companies that have a robust foundation, strong processes, and great talent aided by technology are poised to build scale and will dominate the market.”