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LATAM Airlines Group organises two-city workshop in Delhi and Mumbai

LATAM Airlines Group

InterGlobe Air Transport, GSA for LATAM Airlines Group in India, organised B2B workshops in Delhi and Mumbai on the 11th and 13th of October, respectively. These events were attended by approximately 150 agents from the travel industry.

LATAM Airlines Group

Enhancing the global ambiance of the event, Eduardo Patta, Sales Manager-Asia, and Mariana Tagwerker, Sales Executive-Asia, travelled to India to actively participate in the workshops. Their presence underscored the importance of these workshops in strengthening LATAM’s presence in the Indian market.

The Embassy of Peru played a pivotal role in the success of the workshops, actively participating in the event and promoting Peru as a popular destination for Indian travellers. Furthermore, they highlighted the seamless connectivity LATAM Airlines Group offers for travellers looking to South America from India.

LATAM Airlines Group

The primary objective of these workshops was to showcase LATAM’s wide-ranging product offerings, the extensive route network, and the unparalleled connectivity from India to South America. The workshops provided an invaluable platform for travel agents to gain deeper insights into LATAM Airlines Group’s offerings.

One of the key aspects highlighted during the workshops was LATAM Airlines’ strategic use of interline partners. This approach allows passengers to easily reach LATAM’s gateways in Europe and the USA, connecting them to various destinations across Latin America.

A major highlight of the event was the exciting announcement of LATAM launching direct flights from London to Lima, commencing on December 2, 2023. This new route represents an exciting development that will further enhance the connectivity between the UK and Peru, providing more travel options for passengers.

These B2B workshops provided a valuable platform for agents and stakeholders to discover the diverse offerings and expanded connectivity options available to travellers between India and South America.