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Indian students to Germany must submit APS certificates with their visa applications


Indian students applying for a German student visa must have their academic records assessed by the Academic Evaluation Center (APS) and obtain APS certificates before filling a visa application, German Missions in India has announced.

The centre verifies the applications of students applying to pursue higher education in Germany who hold a Chinese, Indian or Vietnamese university degree, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

In a statement posted on its website, German Missions in India said that the change would come into effect starting from November 1, while APS applications will open as of October 1, 2022.

“This means: Applicants need an APS certificate before filing a visa application. APS will be open for applications beginning October 1, 2022,” the German Missions in India statement reads.

It further said the new appointment slots for student visa applications through VFS Global would open soon.

“As there still is a number of entries on the appointment waitlist for winter semester 2022, please note that – unfortunately – it is not possible for the Embassy / Consulates to verify who is in possession of a still valid admission from a German university. Therefore, all students are kindly requested to register for an appointment only if they have obtained all mandatory documents,” German Embassy said.

The APS certificate application process initially starts with online registration, meaning that individuals should register online at the APS India website to apply for the certificate, then print and complete the application form by signing it. Applicants will be charged ₹18,000 for the APS procedure, which should be transferred to the APS bank account.

The completed form, printed and signed, should be submitted at APS India via courier or in person.

APS certificates are not required in some cases, for example, for students who have won a German or European-funded scholarship and applicants whose thesis supervisor does not require such a certificate for registration. The Academic Evaluation Centre (APS India) notes that these applicants are exempted from the verification process.

An APS certificate is considered an essential part of the visa application. With this type of certificate, students can prove their degree’s authenticity and eligibility to pursue studies at a German university.

Students will be asked to submit: the printed and signed application form together with a passport-size photo, which shouldn’t be older than six months, a copy of the APS fee transfer receipt, a copy of Aadhaar card with a linked mobile number, a passport copy, copy of transcript and degree certificate as well as a copy of language certificates in English or German.

Source: Schengen Visa Info