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Adopting Uttarakhand’s homestays model can be considered to kickstart the economy and boost business: TAAI

Meraki Homestay, Sankri, Uttarkashi Photo Credit: Euttaranchal

Appreciating the steps taken by the Uttarakhand government to promote homestays, Jyoti Mayal, President, Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) has urged the Centre to consider the same model for other states as well. She said, “Such baby steps would prove to be fruitful in the time to come. We have already seen the worse and speaking from the wise man’s perspective, we all must know the survival amid Covid by now. We need to keep ourselves more than ready to go to any lengths if we want our tourism sector to flourish.”

The Uttarakhand government aims to boost the economy and tourism sector in the state through homestays which are on their way to be prepared in the villages too. Around 3,600 homestays are registered so far providing employment to 8,000 people.

Sharing his opinion on the employment generated by these homestays, Jay Bhatia, Vice President, TAAI said, “This seems to be a welcoming move especially in the times when people who lost their jobs and breadwinners in this pandemic and are in the dire need of money.”

Bettaiah Lokesh, HSG, TAAI in his comments acknowledged the state government’s move for engaging people and generating business and revenue. “The government is already providing self-employment through various schemes and have also simplified the process of loans; this homestay plan would not only provide bread to the locals but also boost tourism from travellers who like to enjoy local and comfortable places rather luxury hotels.”

“We all have seen a lot in the years gone by and are definitely ready if situations become fatal, but we cannot afford to let this pandemic be a hindrance in any way to our businesses. We as an industry stand strong and shall try our best to come up with ideas to keep the flow alive and we wholeheartedly support any good move like homestays that are directed towards strengthening the economy and boosting the travel sector,” stated Shreeram Patel, Treasurer, TAAI.


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