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US-based space expedition company ‘SpaceVIP’ to launch services in India soon

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A US-based space expedition company called SpaceVIP will be launching its services in India next month, allowing high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) in the country to travel to space. SpaceVIP, headquartered in New York, offers a range of cutting-edge space and space-adjacent experiences, including space balloons and zero-gravity flights. It is the only company that can take its clients to the International Space Station (ISS) and specializes in extraordinary experiences, travel, and events.

SpaceVIP was founded by Roman Chiporuka and Eddie Miller in early 2021. Chiporuka, through his lifestyle management and travel firm called Roman & Erica, played a crucial role in introducing the final passenger on the first all-private space mission to the ISS. This experience made him realize the importance of inspiring the next generation of private astronauts, leading him to establish SpaceVIP. Chiporuka emphasizes the role of private sector participation in accelerating innovation critical to the future of space exploration and addressing global challenges.

The company has noticed India’s keen interest in space activities and the growing number of HNIs in the country. SpaceVIP aims to tap into this market and has been closely following India’s recent advancements in space education and exploration. Their goal is to fuel a global culture of curiosity and provide clients with a deeper understanding of the universe.

SpaceVIP’s website offers tickets for 11 different space travel programs, which can be completed in one day with minimal training. Chiporuka expects tickets to sell out quickly once regular flights begin.