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UAE now allows silver residency permit holders to fly from India


As of the latest, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is allowing silver residency permit holders — in addition to gold permits from India to enter the Arab nation. Apart from India, the UAE is also allowing passengers with silver residency permits from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka to fly to the country. 

Issuing a notification in this regard, the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority said that the travellers who are eligible to visit from these countries will have to wear a monitoring and tracking device and it is mandatory for all while travelling to UAE. As per updates, this tracking device will not tighten the norms for visitors from India as the UAE makes you wear the bracelet for the 10-day quarantine. 

However, the air passengers will have to undergo an RT-PCR test on the fourth day and then the eighth day. If the results come negative, then they can take off the bracelet and are free to travel anywhere inside the UAE. 

As per the GCAA quarantine rules, the movement of such passengers is limited between the hotel and the airport without coming into close contact with persons of the community. Moreover, the GCAA has also announced that only a maximum of eight passengers can now fly into the UAE on business jets till further orders.