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Turkey aims to vaccinate 70 per cent of its population by August end


Speeding up the COVID 19 vaccination drive across the country, The Republic of Turkey shared the latest numbers and details on vaccine dosage and tourist arrival numbers till  August 18, 2021.

By August 18, 2021, Turkey vaccinated 86 million citizens in different stages. While 45 million people have received their first dose; 34 million people have received the second dose and 7 million people have received the third dose. The government of Turkey is carefully & efficiently spearheading the vaccination drive across the country

With the country on the brink of restoring tourism, the Turkish government is aiming to fully vaccinate 70 per cent of the population above 18 of age by August 30, 2021. The government also announced that all schools across Turkey would reopen by the 6th of September, which is the beginning of educational year in the country.

The tourist inflow numbers in Turkey between January-June 2021, despite the pandemic, was recorded at 7.5 million. During this period, 7.7 lakh tourists arrived from Ukraine, 7.4 lakh from Russia and 5.1 lakh visitors arrived from Germany. Just in June 2021 more than 2 million international visitors visited Turkey.

Despite the fluctuating global scenario of COVID-19 strain, Turkey has kept a strong grip on the COVID-19 situation with guidelines & protocols in place for tourists and businesses associated with tourism. Due to this, the tourist inflow data in Turkey continues to be impressive. Turkey’s ‘Safe Tourism Certification Program’ defines and advises an extensive series of measures to be taken with regards to transportation and accommodation of all Turkish citizens and international visitors who will spend their holidays in Turkey working at touristic facilities


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