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TravelBullz and Tourism Authority of Thailand presents Indian Travel League (ITL)


As Thailand prepares to re-open its borders to the World, TravelBullz and the Tourism Authority of Thailand prepares to welcome Indian guests back to Amazing Thailand.

In the first phase of the destination re-opening, the Indian Travel League (ITL), a fun-filled quiz program aimed at engaging the travel agent community in India will focus on Phuket, Krabi, Phang Nga, Khao Lak, Koh Yao Yai & Noi. The goal would be to generate interest, awareness and educate sellers about the destinations and hotel & attraction partners. 

To help achieve the above objective the Indian travel agent’s fraternity is welcome to join them in the Indian Travel League (ITL) & The Amazing Thailand Grand Re-Opening Sale!! 

While ITL would focus on generating interest in destinations, hotels, resorts, attractions and sightseeing options ‘The Amazing Thailand Grand Reopening Sale’ is aimed at helping agents in India to increase their margins while selling these destinations. There would be exclusive deals on offer (discount of 30-50 per cent) for agents to Buy Now & Travel Later, not only increasing their margins but also enhancing the traveller experiences given the range of value adds on offers. 

ITL will be a weekly campaign with a total of 4 rounds, starting on the 20th of October. Each week a match would conclude with a wordplay format quiz. Minimum scores would be tallied to qualify for the next round. 

Winners will be announced on the 19th of November, on social media. There would be a lot of prizes up for the winners of the quarter-final & semi-final matches. 

The final 10 winners would win:

  • 4 Nights Package for Stay in Phuket (Flights excluded)
  • A Trophy
  • A Certificate

Vachirachai Sirisumpan, Director, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), New Delhi Office, said, “The ‘Amazing Thailand Indian Travel League (ITL)’ campaign” is an activity that Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) India offices are happy to launch together with TravelBullz to get connect and engage with our travel trade partners in India. As the name states, Indian Travel League, this is a new interesting activity based on the cricket theme and we look ahead with the positive energy that together we can build a stronger and better platform for our travel and tourism industry both in Indian and Thailand.”

Live sessions would be streamed on Facebook. Semi-Finalists & Finalists and Trophy Winners announced live on Facebook by Directors of Tourism Authority of Thailand, New Delhi in (Khun Vachirachai Sirisumpan) and Mumbai (Khun Cholada Siddhivarn) along with Founder & President of TravelBullz, K.D. Singh

Cholada Siddhivarn, Director, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Mumbai, shares, “Phuket is reopening for Fully Vaccinated Tourists Including Indians from October. Thailand has been very consistent in providing international tourists with updated information on the country’s situation and making sure that Thailand remains the dream destination for all travellers. November, this year’s Diwali may be a great opportunity to reach out to the consumers, so we are working closely with our trade partners to reach out to the audience with new and updated products in Thailand. TAT continues to promote Thailand as a ‘Top of the mind’ destination and look forward to having another successful campaign.”

‘The Amazing Thailand Grand Sale’ is expected to launch from the 22nd of November with a 4-week campaign featuring a wide range of products available at super discounted prices from various tourism stakeholders, ranging from hotels, attractions, etc in Thailand. The buying window will be limited to three to four weeks with travel validity up to one year from the date of purchase. The Amazing Thailand Grand Sale will allow travel partners to pre-buy products and services at never before heard prices available for a limited period only giving them a distinct edge over others to promote and push Thailand Holiday packages.

“We aim to promote Thailand as a destination of affordable luxury. We are working with our Accommodation, Transportation, Attractions, F&B & Sightseeing partners to offer Exclusive Deals with Great Value Adds aimed at enhancing traveller’s experience & at the same time helping our agents to increase their margins while promoting these products. These offers would be positioned as ‘BUY NOW & TRAVEL LATER’ giving complete flexibility to agents to amend bookings as many times as they need to at no cost,” shares K. D. Singh, Founder & President, TravelBullz 

The event is expected to entice the travel partners and get them excited about Thailand re-opening for Indian travellers coupled with fabulous offers.