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TBO.com Co-Founder Gaurav Bhatnagar joins the World Travel and Tourism Council’s Executive Committee

Gaurav Bhatnagar WTTC

Gaurav Bhatnagar, Co-Founder of TBO.COM, the world’s leading travel distribution platform, has joined the Executive Committee of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

Bhatnagar’s appointment comes following the considerable growth of the TBO.com business globally, and the significant contribution made by Gaurav to the Travel and Tourism sector.

Julia Simpson, WTTC President and CEO said, “We are delighted to welcome a true travel tech entrepreneur like Gaurav to the Executive Committee at WTTC.

“His vision and the growth achieved at TBO is impressive. Now operating in more than 100 countries, connecting 100,000+ travel agents with over a million suppliers, the business is growing from strength to strength.”

Gaurav Bhatnagar said, “I am humbled, yet excited to join the Executive Committee of an organisation I have respected since the start of my career.

“The industry appreciates WTTC’s efforts and values that it brings, and I am eager to contribute. Together, we will continue to grow the industry and ensure all partners in the travel ecosystem benefit from the resurgence of travel post the pandemic.”

The World Travel and Tourism Council represents the global Travel and Tourism private sector. Members include 200 CEOs, Chairs and Presidents of the world’s leading Travel and Tourism companies from all geographies covering all industries.

The original vision of WTTC’s founding members remains the same: governments must recognise Travel and Tourism’s value, not only to economies around the world, but to the millions of livelihoods that depend on it. 

Members of WTTC range from airlines to tour operators and hospitality groups. The Executive Council is comprised of Chairs, Presidents, and Chief Executives from many of the world’s most powerful Travel and Tourism businesses.