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TAFI members complain of disruption in Air India bookings

Air India

Since Wednesday, 22 December travel agents across the country have been unable to access Air India’s inventory on the GDS while the flights can be seen on the airline’s website. Agents are unable to view or amend even bookings made in their own offices.

“This is a nightmare during the festive season, when most flights are full arriving into India and passengers need to connect to Domestic destinations – often requiring rescheduling, due to delays,” said Abbas Moiz, National General Secretary TAFI, “Our Members have been complaining about the long wait times on the call center lines.”

Attempts to contact senior management have proved futile and salespersons have been stalling and attributing the problem to a ‘Technical Issue’ without any official announcement. Unverified sources mentioned this ‘Technical Issue’ will extend for a further 3-4 days, before a resolution is in place.

“In the days of 5G and the IT revolution, it is very strange that a ‘Technical Issue’ can persist for 4 days without a resolution,” said a Travel Agent requesting anonymity “It’s also rather surprising that the ‘Technical Issue’ pertains only to the GDS – a tool Travel Agents use to book, rebook, issue and reissue tickets,” he added.

“Such disruptions, coupled with zero communication to the trade further erode Air India’s credibility,” said Ajay Prakash, TAFI President. “It’s a shame that this once glorious airline has been reduced to such a sorry state. We’re all waiting for the House of Tata to take over the reins of the Airline and we hope that the new management will work more closely with their trusted trade partners – the Travel Agents who have supported the national carrier at all times,” he concluded.


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