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Rail Europe empowering travel agents with seamless rail bookings

Srijit Nair, General Manager - India, Middle East and Africa, Rail Europe
Srijit Nair, General Manager - India, Middle East and Africa, Rail Europe

Headquartered in Paris, Rail Europe provides an easy platform for travellers to book train tickets for popular routes across Europe, including high-speed trains, scenic routes, intercity connections, and access to a wide range of destinations. Srijit Nair, General Manager – India, Middle East and Africa, Rail Europe, is dedicated to shaping the company’s future in the global travel industry by focusing on expanding strategic partnerships and prioritising seamless, eco-friendly, and customer-centric rail travel experiences.

– Prashant Nayak

Rail Europe offers travellers a diverse range of experiences that combine the convenience of train travel with the opportunity to explore Europe’s rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and iconic landmarks. Whether it is a solo adventure, romantic getaway, family vacation, or group tour, Rail Europe caters to the needs and preferences of travellers seeking unforgettable moments and rewarding experiences

Forward-Thinking Approach

Rail Europe continuously evaluates traveller preferences and market trends to expand its product offerings. The company stays attuned to the changing needs and preferences of travellers, ensuring that its services remain relevant and competitive in the dynamic travel market. Other than leisure travellers, to ensure that business travellers experience seamless and productive journeys, Srijit says, “Rail Europe understands that business travellers need connectivity, and hence we are always looking to offer an expanded network of train journeys. We are always thinking ahead; our product team is more attuned than ever to emerging trends, ensuring people’s desire is not just a part of our planning but a driving force behind it.”

© ÖBB Harald Eisenberger
© ÖBB Harald Eisenberger

Recently, Rail Europe opened ÖBB’s international routes towards Hungary for all B2B partners, connecting Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. This move is a direct response to the feedback from customers who have expressed a growing demand for more cross-border train travel options. “We envision seamless travel through various countries, allowing passengers to enjoy unique cultures, food, and picturesque sights, all while relaxing on a train,” says Srijit.

Sustainable Corporate Travel

Rail Europe is committed to leading sustainable initiatives that champion train travel as an eco-friendly transportation choice. The company also recognises the shifting preferences of business travellers in favour of sustainable options and has positioned itself as the prime choice for eco-friendly travel in Europe.

Actively engaging with travel agents, Rail Europe advocates for the integration of train travel packages into corporate policies, emphasising the environmental benefits of choosing trains over other modes. By fostering partnerships with businesses, promoting awareness, and aligning with Europe’s ambitious sustainability goals, Rail Europe aims to significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with corporate travel, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible travel landscape.

Simplifying Travel Choices

The introduction of seat reservation sales for Eurail and Interrail pass holders is a strategic move that aligns with the demand for passholder fares. As a platform facilitating the purchase of Eurail passes, the company has recognised the need to enhance its services for trade partners. On the Rail Europe booking platform, customers can now swiftly assess whether an additional seat reservation is required for their travel itinerary, especially on trains like TGV, Lyria, Eurostar, Frecciarossa, etc. Srijit adds, “This feature not only streamlines the booking process but also provides transparency on associated costs, contributing to a more seamless and informed customer experience. The introduction of this new offer underscores Rail Europe’s commitment to continually improving its business strategy and ensuring the best possible travel experience for its trade partners.”

Bridging Knowledge Gaps

In the B2B travel market, one of the key challenges that Rail Europe encounters is the need to educate an expanding base of travel agents about train travel in Europe. On this, Srijit mentions, “To address this, Rail Europe has implemented a proactive strategy involving regular training sessions and monthly webinars. By encouraging travel agents to enhance their knowledge about train travel in Europe, we aim to empower them to better assist their clients in planning seamless and enjoyable rail journeys.”

Cutting-Edge Tech Solutions

Technology is at the forefront of enhancing Rail Europe’s B2B client experience, and they recently announced their revamped tech solutions range at the WTM (World Travel Market) in London. Designed to offer businesses greater flexibility and scalability, Rail Europe introduced a blend of old favourites and an innovative newcomer tailored to meet the evolving demands of the travel industry. “Our exciting newcomer, RailFlash, is a sleek API-like solution, ideal for businesses aiming for swift, lightweight connectivity without the need for comprehensive integration. This new solution is designed with simplicity, efficiency, and speed in mind, ensuring partners can get up and running in no time. Then we also have RailLink, the simplest connectivity solution, perfect for businesses looking to establish an affiliation with Rail Europe and earn commissions without the complexities of deeper integration,” informs Srijit.

As a comprehensive platform for European train travel, Rail Europe serves as a one-stop shop for travel agents. Through its user-friendly interface, travel agents can seamlessly book trains and passes for their clients, earning commissions on rail revenue in the process. This streamlined approach allows travel agents to efficiently plan and book train travel for their customers while also benefiting from the convenience and reliability of Rail Europe’s services.