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QuadLabs launches on-cloud Travel CRM and Mid-Back-Office with Lifetime FREE Subscription!!


QuadLabs Technologies has launched ‘Konnect.travel’, the world’s most affordable and most powerful on-cloud Travel CRM and Mid-Back-Office. With a lifetime free subscription, QuadLabs is inviting all travel agencies globally to be a part of the change and maximise the use of technology in their operations. While its features will be revealed at ATM Dubai today, Gaurav Chiripal, CEO, QuadLabs Technologies is happy to share more details on Konnect.travel, which can now empower travel agents with the best technology and they can manage their operations from a single system.

Prashant Nayak

Q. QuadLabs has been providing technology for the travel industry for many years, what is your focus in terms of developing new technological solutions?

Quadlabs has always been at the forefront of bringing new technology to the travel industry. During the last 15 years, we have given the most comprehensive and highly scalable platforms to some of the largest players in the industry. During the last two years of the pandemic, our team took up the challenge to build a technology stack that is easy to use and needs almost no human intervention to deploy, operate, and scale up. Thus, bringing down the initial implementation cost to the customer. Our focus was on providing the technology used by large companies affordable to the small and medium businesses so they can compete effectively in the market. 

Q. What is the reason behind the launch of Konnect.travel, and how will it benefit the travel agent community?

Konnect.Travel is an all-in-one suite that provides the capability of a travel CRM, Mid office, and accounting system in a single interface. Travel agents today struggle to manage their operations, bookings, leads, and accounts. They end up buying or subscribing to multiple technologies, which creates a big issue of reconciliation and collaboration. Especially when their staff is working from distributed locations, managing operations effectively becomes impossible. Konnect.Travel will provide all features of a travel operations system in a single place at absolutely no cost. This will empower agents to collaborate more effectively with their teams, have control of their leads and bookings, have a seamless reconciliation with suppliers, and can open up more selling opportunities to grow their business.  

Q. How excited are you to launch Konnect.travel at ATM Dubai?

ATM Dubai has always been a launchpad for various technologies offered by QuadLabs. Our marque product Xchange ERP was first launched in ATM Dubai in 2008. Travog – Corporate SBT and expense tool was launched in ATM Dubai in 2016. We see many customers from Australia to Europe take part in this show. I am very excited about Konnect.Travel as it is a futuristic product and can change the way the travel agents sell and fulfil travel bookings. It will provide a level playing ground for smaller travel agencies to compete with the giant. 

Q. What are some of the unique and exciting features of Konnect.travel?

First, Konnect.Travel is an absolutely free system for SMEs providing up to three free user licenses for a lifetime. It provides the capability to manage all customers (Retail or Corporate) in one place, manage and process all bookings centrally with customisable business rules, and has a very comprehensive accounting system with automated BSP and supplier reconciliation. Soon, we are also launching analytical dashboards on the product. Travel Agents can also sign up for Travog (corporate self-booking tool) or retail website (Internet Booking engine) to distribute travel products to a global audience. Our team of product experts will be available 24/7 to help and train our travel agents to make the best use of the technology.  

Q. How important is technology in the modern tourism industry, especially as it tries to bounce back after a two-year hiatus caused by COVID-19?

Technology has always been the enabler in the travel industry. We have seen large companies become larger by adopting automation engines and bringing their teams together on a single platform. Customers are more inclined to book directly unless they need opinions or help with multi-product itineraries. Soon even the complex bookings will be created and processed directly with the technology and it will remove the need for a physical human being on the other side of the phone. Travel agents have realised that without technology they cannot survive for long in this industry. Almost 20-25 per cent of travel agents have shut shop or moved to a different profession during the pandemic. Now, when the industry is bouncing back, there is an opportunity for the rest to pick up more business with limited resources. Good technology at an affordable cost can really help them scale up quickly.

Travel agents can sign up for a free lifetime subscription at www.Konnect.Travel.