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No proof of foreign travel required for those seeking booster shots: Govt

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Vaccination centres are not allowed to ask for proof of travelling abroad from those seeking a booster, or precautionary, dose, the health ministry said on Friday.

In a meeting with states and union territories, Rajesh Bhushan, Secretary, Health Ministry, said, “Under no circumstances should any COVID-19 Vaccination Centre or any State government insist on any documentary proof of foreign travel for those who are seeking a precaution dose.”

During the meeting, it was pointed out that in some states, people wishing to travel abroad and seeking a booster dose within 90 days of the second dose, are being asked to furnish proof of the intended journey.

The Centre recently allowed citizens and students travelling overseas to take booster covid-19 vaccine shots, as required by the guidelines of the destination country.

India started its Covid-19 vaccination drive last year in January, with the country’s cumulative vaccination coverage now exceeding 191.96 crore.

The administration of a booster or a precautionary, dose for healthcare, frontline workers and people above 60 years of age with co-morbidities started this year from January 10.

The government has, however, removed the co-morbid clause for people above 60 years of age and made everyone eligible for COVID-19 vaccine precaution dose. Around 3,19,20,599 people have received their booster doses.

The health ministry opened precautionary doses for all above 18 years of age from 10 April.