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LINKIN Reps appointed as India Representative for Haritha Villas + Spa, Sri Lanka


LINKIN Reps has been appointed the India sales, marketing and Public Relations representation office for Haritha Villas+ Spa, Sri Lanka. LINKIN Reps will be responsible for driving holistic sales, trade marketing and PR Strategies in India for Haritha Villas+ Spa, Sri Lanka.

“India has always been a very important market for us, not only as it is the number 1 inbound market to Sri Lanka, but also due to them being our closest regional neighbour. The long-standing friendship and support rendered to Sri Lanka by the people of India have been pivotal in supporting us in this very difficult time of unprecedented economic uncertainty as well as the global pandemic and other international shocks. Keeping this in mind, we are happy that LINKIN Reps will represent us, with their vast tourism experience and through their large network of travel agents in the country to promote our little island and Haritha Villas + Spa to the luxury travel segment in India,” said Thanuja Weerasinghe, Sales and Marketing, Haritha Villas + Spa.

On this occasion, Komal Seth, Founder and Director, LINKIN Reps said, “We take pride in announcing that Haritha Villas+ Spa is the newest addition to our brand portfolio. We are looking forward to working closely with Haritha Villas + Spa to position them as an attractive leisure Resort for Indian travellers to Sri Lanka.”

Umberto Piccolini, General Manager, Haritha Villas + Spa, also expresses his feelings, “Haritha Villas + Spa is very proud to enter into cooperation with LINKIN Reps with its very experienced visionary leadership team within the industry. We are convinced that discerning luxury travellers from India will truly enjoy the culture and heritage of Haritha Villas + Spa in Sri Lanka, coupled with genuinely personalised and warm hospitality creating authentic experiences and memories to treasure.”

Haritha Villas + Spa is perched on a hill and nestled under a canopy of trees, less than 1 km from Narigama beach and 1.2 km from Hikkaduwa beach. An exclusive contemporary resort offering personalized services, spa treatments, private luxury accommodation, and a world of experiences as you explore the island; be in cultural, historical or culinary. Our Contemporary Villas and Colonial Mansions are the ideal cocoons of space, luxury and privacy. Each villa has a private plunge pool. Infinity shared swimming pool for colonial Mansions.