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J&K to attract film tourism with 300 new, unexplored shooting destinations

Aharbal Waterfall, Jammu and Kashmir
Aharbal Waterfall, Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is set to become prime destination for the film industry as the government has identified around 300 unexplored destinations for film shootings.

The Union Territory government and Tourism Department have taken this initiative to promote the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir, which was once a prime destination for filmmakers during the 1960s and 1970s. With the revival of film tourism in the state, J-K aims to attract production houses and filmmakers to shoot their movies, web series, and serials in the state.

“We are projecting 300 destinations for film shooting so that the production houses can choose any destination for their shooting. The government will facilitate them in all possible ways,” said Syed Abid Rasheed Shah, Administrative Secretary of the J-K Tourism Department.

In the last year, more than 200 films, web series, and serials were shot in J-K, which is a great sign of the revival of film tourism in Kashmir. The government has ensured a proper system in place to facilitate the shooting of films with the permission and regulatory requirements done through a one-stop centre. The government has also developed an online portal to facilitate the production houses for their shooting in J-K.

“Major film stars were recently here in Kashmir for a week and shot across the Valley. I give an open invitation to all of them to shoot their films here,” Shah said.

“The rising issue of substance abuse is also highlighted in the trailer of the upcoming movie ‘Welcome to Kashmir’. Speaking on this, Shah said substance abuse is a social issue that is prevailing at a global level and in J-K as well. “It needs a collaborative approach of the society, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that our society works hard towards the eradication of this menace,” Shah added.

The movie ‘Welcome to Kashmir’ aims to promote Kashmiri culture and showcase its beauty and positivity to the world. The director of the movie, Tariq Bhat, wants to take the audience on a journey through Kashmir with his debut movie, where the beauty of the land is surpassed only by the warmth and resilience of its inhabitants. The movie delves into crucial issues that plague Kashmir, such as women’s empowerment, women’s safety, drug addiction, and the role of the J-K Police.

“The movie is a message of hope, positivity, and empowerment for the people of Kashmir. It aims to break stereotypes, presenting a true and positive image of Kashmir, its people, and its culture,” Bhat said.

With the upcoming G20 summit on tourism to be hosted in Srinagar, Shah said it provides a great opportunity to promote tourism in J-K.

“We can promote adventure tourism, film tourism, and relish tourism besides other sectors as well,” Shah added.

As the UT government takes the initiative to promote film tourism, J-K is poised to attract filmmakers from all over the world to shoot their movies, web series, and serials in the UT. With its natural beauty and cultural heritage, J-K is all set to become a prime destination for the film industry.

Source: ANI