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Iceland removes all COVID-19 related travel restrictions


Minister of Health, Willum Þór Þórsson on February 23, 2022, said in a press statement, “As of Friday 25 February all public restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be lifted, both domestically and at the border. Thereby all rules regarding limitations on social gatherings and school operations as well as the quarantine requirement for those infected by COVID-19 are removed. Additionally, no disease prevention measures will be in place at the border, regardless of whether individuals are vaccinated or unvaccinated.”

The Minister of Health presented his decision, based on the Chief Epidemiologist´s recommendation to the Minister regarding the lifting of restrictions. “We can truly rejoice at this turning-point, but nonetheless I encourage people to be careful, practice personal infection prevention measures and not to interact with others if they notice symptoms,” said the Minister of Health.

Earlier, travellers to Iceland had to carry their proof of vaccination completed within nine months or show proof of a booster shot. The government has also decided to remove all limits on social gatherings along with doing away with the quarantine requirements for people who test positive for the virus.