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IATO elects new team for term 2023-25

IATO Elections 2023

The IATO elections were held on April 18, 2023, at The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi. With no other nominations to contest, the earlier six Office Bearers were elected unopposed. The election was conducted for the new EC members, Active (5 posts) and Allied (3 posts). There were 278 votes cast out of 378 eligible members. Homa Mistry, Trail Blazer Tours India, was the Returning Officer for the election. The following elected Office Bearers and EC members will now serve for the 2023-25 term.

Office Bearers

President- Rajiv Mehra, Uday Tours and Travels

Senior Vice President- Rajnish Kaistha, Paradise Holidays India

Vice President- Ravi Gosian, Erco Travels

Honorary Secretary- Sanjay Razdan, Razdan Holidays

Honorary Treasurer- Sunil Mishra, Cosmos Tours and Travels

Honorary Joint Secretary- Viney Tyagi, Uni Crystal Holidays

Active EC Members

Deepak Bhatnagar, Aamantaran Travel Company (254 votes)

Tony Marwah, Indian Travel Promotion Company (247 votes)

Harish Mathur, Concord Travels and Tours (238 votes)

Manoj Kumar Matta, Oriental Vacations and Journeys (226 votes)

EM Najeeb, Air Travel Enterprises (I) (213 votes)

Allied EC Members

Zia Siddique, Alliance Hotels and Resorts (258 votes)

Ashok Dhoot, Harsh Travels (255 votes)

P Vijaysarthy, Benchmark Hotels (249 votes)