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Chennai airport reduces rates of rapid PCR, RT-PCR tests


Amid the reports of Omicron variant of Covid-19, the Chennai airport has slashed the rates of Rapid PCR/RT -PCR test on Wednesday. According to the Chennai airport, the existing rate of Rs 3,400 for Rapid PCR test is reduced to Rs 2,900 and RT-PCR reduced from Rs 700 to Rs 600. 

The move has come after the Central government made mandatory to test international flyers coming from “at risk” countries, as well as, random testing of 2% of the total flight passengers following the Omicron variant threat.

An exclusive corridor with a holding area and amenities has been established at T-4 of the Chennai airport to screen passengers arriving from “at-risk” countries. It must be noted that the state health department will be bearing the cost of the RT-PCR tests of random-check passengers arriving from non-at-risk countries.

Recently, several other airports in the country have also reduced the cost of Covid test in view of the new variant of coronavirus. The cost of rapid PCR test at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) has been reduced from Rs 3,900 to Rs 3,500. The cost of RT-PCR costs Rs 500.

The rate of RT-PCR test has also been reduced to Rs 3,900 from Rs 4,500 at Hyderabad airport. And, the Kozhikode airport has slashed the cost of RT-PCR from Rs 2,490 to Rs 1,580.

Countries in Europe, including the UK, and South Africa, Brazil, Botswana, China, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Israel have been placed in the “at-risk” category by the Centre.