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Bijapur Lodge Jawai: luxury amidst the leopards


Bijapur Lodge Jawai is a newly constructed wildlife boutique property spread over 5 acres amid nature. The eco-friendly resort offers suites that are designed for fine experiences. Vikramaditya Singh Rathore and Devendra Singh Shekhawa, are very passionate owners of this splendid eco-luxury boutique property at Jawai. As TTJ delves deep to understand from them about the interesting property, it was nice to know that it is their love for wildlife that the location of the lodge was picked, keeping in mind that it offers access to most of the famous Jawai Leopard hills and water reservoirs teeming with great bird life.

Team TTJ

One of the most unexplored destinations in Rajasthan is Jawai, situated on the foothills of the Aravalis. Here, one will find the small village of Bijapur, known for its splendid blend of tribal culture and nature. In recent times, wild animals, frequent sightings of leopards and birds with their picturesque landscape have been gaining attention from discerning travellers. Jawai, also known as India’s leopard hills, is one of the few places in the world where one can easily sight leopards in picturesque locations that are also home to other wild animals and migratory birds. The Jawai landscape is an extraordinary and unique wilderness – land shared (almost equally) between wildlife and humans.

As a jungle resort, Bijapur Lodge – Jawai marries culture with modern grandeur, in keeping with the understated elegance. From exploring the surroundings and the local culture to indulging in memorable dining, serene, and destination experiences, holidays at Bijapur Lodge Jawai offer a wealth of relaxation, discovery and adventure.

Vikramaditya Singh Rathore, Devendra Singh Shekhawa

“Sustainably efficient, locally aware and personalised luxuries are the building blocks for the Bijapur Lodge. The idea was not to just build a lodge but to make a difference, and it had to start from the roots. Therefore, whether it is the ratio of land to suites for blending the nature into the architecture, or six keys on six acres of land, planting ten thousand local species in the barren land, or using local construction material and recycled wood with the skill to build the place from ground, sourcing of ingredients from the locality or to support a family with education, etc, all come with thoughts of sustainability and empowering the locality. Bijapur Lodge – Jawai, would move further when like-minded would travel and help contribute in developing communities and wildlife in the region while experiencing luxury, exclusivity and purity,” share both, Vikramaditya and Devendra.

The six aesthetically appointed suites designed for quite an indulgence boast spacious luxury spread over 50 m2 with a king bed overlooking the courtyard and the hinterland view. The cozy daybed set against a large draped window enables to gaze at the rural beauty from one of the most sustainable eco-friendly resorts in Jawai. From the basic amenities like the electric kettle, four fixture bathrooms (his and her vanity), all-weather air conditioning, mini bar and so on to the haven of luxurious comfort. The large writing desks provide enough space for living amenities and camera equipment, thus marrying harmony of authenticity and modernity. The palette of elegant and neutral tone furnishings enlivened by deft strokes of colour showcase the region’s rich native artisanship with an indigenous touch distinctive to the jungle lodge.

The local communities have always been at the forefront of Bijapur Lodge’s vision. These ecosystems are vital to helping achieve long-term, sustainable results. The experiential offerings at the lodge are customised for the guests’ purpose of visit whether it is meeting the shepherds or seeing the leopards in the land of shepherds and leopards. Jawai landscape promises excellent opportunities for adventurous terrain, including rocks, water bodies, and forests. For beginners and serious bird watchers, one can spot various species like Bustards, Darter, Quail, a variety of Kingfishers, and Falcons. Five acres of land with just three trees to a jungle is the kind of transformation that Bijapur Lodge has done while reclaiming nature. Bringing back the natural regeneration of grasses triggered a chain reaction resulting in flourishing birdlife. Around 10,000 local species plants on the farm create a micro-climate for all living beings.

Other sustainability measures ranging from the usage of old mud roof tiles that are bought and collected from neighboring villages to set an example that how these tiles can be reused with modern construction (Reinforced concrete) giving the best insulation or weatherproofing. For the doors, windows and furniture at the Lodge, not even a single tree was cut – the wood that’s used is procured from logs used in old ‘Havelis’ dating back at least a century. The waste of the reused wood is further used to design the indoor and outdoor lights, switchboards borders, rafters and purlins of ‘Dhaliya’ (reception hut) et al. Furthermore, the rainwater harvesting and a solar generation plant help in the reduction of carbon footprints creating a better world for upcoming generations.

Devendra says, “As an experiential property every stay is curated based on the purpose of the stay and needs of the guest. Having said that, in the land of Leopards and Shepherds – Jawai, the signature crafted experiences are ‘Jungle Safari’ and ‘Visit to Shepherd’s home’. The great wildlife experience is where one gets to witness and learn about animals and birds while in the latter the hosts from the lodge take the guests to one of the Rabari’s abodes that’s also home for one of the lodge team. A packed Hi-Tea served in the hinterland just makes these activities a holistic rejuvenation.”

In Jawai, one can explore villages, ancient watering holes, and so much more while driving through the most magical and dramatic landscapes. Discover places steeped in the hiding during the trail through various floras. Specially scouted locations to choose for the picnic are minutes away from the lodge. It is here that one finds themselves far from the hustle of life, in pristine settings. The purity of a setting sun in the Jawai backdrop is a remarkable experience, a force of nature. Perfect with a rejuvenating calmness, serene calmness close to nature and any celebration – the lodge team will tailor-make this end-of-day experience to suit the requisite.

“Even the purity of the ambience in the Jawai backdrop is a force of nature irrespective of the season. Perfect with a rejuvenating calmness, serene surroundings, clean air, water bodies, and forest skies that turn from sky blue to millions of stars at night – there’s a lot in Jawai to be grateful about. For the upcoming season, especially scouted locations are chosen for the guests’ picnic that is minutes away from the lodge. The Lodge team proactively keeps scouting for activities for guest engagement and it is here that one finds themselves relaxing in the pristine settings far from the hustle of life,” says Vikramaditya.

The Bijapur Lodge team believes in word of mouth as the best marketing tool where the guest testimonials about their wilderness experience inspire others to explore Jawai. In the recent age as one cannot stay away from digital media, thus the online presence with social media is used for communicating about the region and the lodge. Because of the boutique nature of the property and personalised service offerings, packages are promoted wherein the entire Lodge can be booked for a staycation. Apart from that, the Jungle plan i.e., inclusive of accommodation, all meals, and an experience is the best seller. However, if one decides to spend their time at Bijapur Lodge, the team ensures to offer a customised idyllic getaway.


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