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Beyond Filmmaking – Ramoji Film City evolves into a versatile tourist destination


Ramoji Film City is where many aspiring filmmakers have walked in with a script and walked out with a film, a testament to its transformative power in turning dreams into cinematic reality. Today, in addition to being a renowned film destination, Ramoji Film City has evolved into a sought-after tourist and event destination. By seamlessly blending cinematic charm with thematic attractions, immersive experiences, and diverse activities, it has captured the imagination of visitors from around the world. As it continues to introduce new initiatives and projects, Vijayeswari Ch, Managing Director, Ramoji Film City, shares the destination’s varied attractions and its commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences and maintaining its status as a premier destination for filmmakers and tourists alike.

– Prashant Nayak

Vijayeswari Ch, Managing Director, Ramoji Film City
Vijayeswari Ch, Managing Director, Ramoji Film City

Q. Please sketch the journey of Ramoji Film City from a filmmaking facility to a prominent tourist destination.

The sprawling 1,666-acre Ramoji Film City was created by Ramoji Rao in 1996 and has been certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest film studio complex. The facility was conceived to provide filmmakers with comprehensive facilities encompassing everything from pre- to post-production. Over time, its tourism potential became apparent as the public expressed a keen interest in visiting the locations where their favourite films were shot.

Elaborate arrangements were made in consultation with international experts to create a thematic destination complete with dedicated amusement zones, themed attractions, shows, and rides. Today, the facility has become a multi-faceted tourist attraction, blending cine magic with fun and leisure, contributing to a rich tourist experience.

Ramoji Film City Eureka Ramoji Film City Stunt Show

Q. Being acknowledged as the world’s largest film city by Guinness World Records, how does this recognition shape Ramoji Film City’s reputation among both filmmakers and tourists?

Achieving the Guinness World Records title as the world’s largest film city has significantly elevated the stature of Ramoji Film City. This prestigious recognition has enhanced our reputation within the entertainment sector, drawing increased interest from filmmakers, potential business partners, and tourists.


Q. What are the distinctive thematic attractions that distinguish it as a compelling destination?

Besides being a pioneer of one-of-a-kind film-induced tourism, Ramoji Film City offers a variety of distinctive tourism experiences, such as guided studio tours, live shows, eco-tours, dedicated children’s attractions, seasonal celebrations, or carnivals, which make it a compelling tourist destination.

Divergent experiences are presented in immersive environments, such as the Dark Ride, Mythological Set, a Wild West-themed stunt show and Avenue, simulated space travel, themed caves, and a spine-chilling walkthrough. It is also home to Ramoji Adventure @ Sahas, Asia’s finest adventure land.

Ramoji Film City Tour
Ramoji Film City Tour

Q. Elaborate on the incentives and support provided by your office to filmmakers or production companies utilising your sites for projects.

Upon contact with our production teams, we prioritise providing unparalleled facilitation and a commitment to exceptional service. We begin by showcasing a comprehensive catalogue of locations and arranging meticulous reconnaissance trips for the production crew. Additionally, we walk the extra mile by arranging comfortable hotel stays, managing logistics with precision, and offering delectable on-site catering, ensuring that every aspect of their production needs is meticulously taken care of.

The budget-friendly packages are presented as per the call sheet. We embrace the best practices with a competitive price structure for regional films.

Q. Could you provide insights into some of the most renowned films, locations, or landmarks within Ramoji Film City that have gained popularity over the years?

From the iconic multi-purpose building where Rajinikanth’s blockbuster ‘Chandramukhi’ film was shot to the historic Jug Fountain, later transformed into a monumental tribute to Hrithik Roshan’s superhero saga ‘Krrish 3’, and finally, to the awe-inspiring dedicated set where the epic saga of ‘Bahubali’ unfolded across multiple languages over a span of 600 days, each location has attained a cherished stop on the tourist’s journey, igniting imagination and fascination with the magic of cinema.

Some of the popular films shot here include Shahrukh’s Chennai Express and Ra-One, Ranjinikanth’s Robot, Lingaa, and Sivaji: The Boss, Amitabh Bachchan’s Sarkar Raj, Ajay Devgan’s Himmatwala and Drishyam, Golmal, Manikarnika, RRR, Sooryavanshi, Magadheera, Pushpa, K.G.F.: Chapter 2, Salaar, to name a few.

Q. What prompted Ramoji Film City to infuse themes into the tourism experience, and what specific immersive attractions and experiences are now available to visitors?

To enhance the tourism experience, Ramoji Film City combines unique elements and infuses themes into tourist attractions.  It believes that inimitable and cohesive themes can attract visitors looking for something distinctive and memorable.

Here, some of the thematic experiences that create immersive environments include European streets with elevated structures, a mythological set, a Wild West-themed avenue and live show, space travel, caves with a Buddhist theme, etc.

Q. Apart from filmmaking, leisure, and tourism, what other activities and experiences is Ramoji Film City offering? How do these offerings enhance the experience of diverse groups?

Ramoji Film City is a multifaceted destination and offers a diverse range of experiences. Apart from leisure and tourism, it caters to experiential corporate events, grand weddings, excursions for educational institutions, and celebrations of ceremonies dipped in tradition and custom.

It is where one can immerse oneself in various entertainment, relaxation, and rejuvenation forms. Ramoji Adventure @ Sahas, touted as Asia’s finest adventure land, adds an exciting dimension for thrill-seekers, while Sukhibhava Wellness offers integrated wellness programmes and promotes lifestyle modification, detoxification, and nutrition.

To experience Ramoji Film City better, tourists are encouraged to stay at Ramoji Film City in various hotels managed by the Dolphin Group of hotels. Featuring wide-ranging options for stays that fit various budgets, including Sitara, a luxury hotel; Tara, a comfort hotel; Vasundhara Villa, a farmhouse accommodation in the midst of greenery; Shantiniketan, a budget stay; Greens Inn, a cosy accommodation; and Hotel Sahara, shared accommodation best suited for groups, Ramoji Film City has every guest covered.

Q. How do you target and optimise opportunities to increase tourist traffic?

We constantly innovate in the tourism experience, present specially designed packages, and adopt various market outreach activities and promotions. Strategies are also adopted to create buzz, increase the brand’s visibility, and encourage active engagement from prospects.

Q. Could you share upcoming projects or initiatives at Ramoji Film City that aim to further elevate its status as a premier destination for filmmakers and tourists?

The upcoming projects at Ramoji Film City include Motion Capture and Virtual Production Set, which use cutting-edge film technology that drives new-age cinema and will interest both filmmakers and tourists.

Other attractions in the pipeline include experiential conferences for corporations with more than 100 themes, a guided tour of Agro Park, which will expose guests to organic farming and a slice of country life rooted in nature, and WOW Celebrations for guests looking for the grand celebration of birthdays and anniversaries and traditional ceremonies.