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ACOHI announces Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani to be the next international destination for tourism


ACOHI has announced Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani of Maharashtra to be the next International Destination for Tourism, Leisure Destination & Medical Tourism with the presence of many National & International Dignitaries at a National Press Conference positioned here at the National Secretariat of ACOHI Asia in Pune.

Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani is blessed with rich heritage of History, Nature, and Colonial Era and has not been given the status it deserves. Many Indians go to International destinations in the search of nature, flora and fauna, and leisure along with value-for-money destinations all across Asia & World but they are unaware of our own rich supreme heritage of destinations available in the form of Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani.

“We will be developing the areas in terms of Destination Tourism, Destination Weddings and Heritage Tourism along with National – International Medical Tourism, Education Tourism looking at its proximity to Pune, Mumbai & Kolhapur. All the major and selected Hotels will be trained and certified to handle International Clients in terms of International Food, Hygiene, Safety, Tourism, Language, Etiquettes, Nature and many other aspects along with classifying Hotels as per their standards and linking them with various International Embassies of various countries by giving International Tourists the opportunity to visit and stay at Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani along with Local & State Tourists of India.”

“India itself is blessed with heavenly destinations and there will be much less need to travel to other countries if we develop our own tourism spots which are equipped with all major amenities to handle any National & International clients. We only lack in promoting it and positioning it on the National & International map along with hand holding with State & Local Tourism Ministries & Departments to the Hospitality Industry sectors of all cadres of that particular State & City which will be done exclusively now by ACOHI,” said Chairman & BOG Chief Dr. Sanee Awsarmmel addressing the Media.

We are extremely happy to announce the Accreditation & Certification of the first property named Bella Vista which is classified & certified as ACOHI 4 Star Grade Luxury Property which has fulfilled all the criteria’s and has found its place in the premium segment of ACOHI Grading & Accreditation after the rigorous checks of BOG formats which was scheduled in all the departments of the Hotel on a satisfying level as per the mandate of ACOHI Accreditation & Star Grading Procedure & Mandate.

“Accreditations will also help the brand & property along with others here in Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani as it will also help Government agencies along with our Industry in creating Trust, Uniformity, Secure Atmosphere for Customers, Controlling the Crime, Safety and Security via ACOHI Protocols,” said Dr. Awsarmmel.

“We are fortunate to be the first in the segment in entre India and feel it’s all the hard work of all these years by our entire staff and management who has been playing a key role in making sure all our guests get best of the service and luxury in terms of Food, Stay, Value for Money, Hygiene, Safety, Nature and our warmth via our service. We are fully gearing up to handle any International Clients or for their any immediate need which they could see seeking Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani as an international destination for tourism and leisure.”

Bella Vista is blessed with unique heavenly location which is its USP beating other hotels due to its strategic location in the midst of heavenly nature along with rewarding food of various cuisines adopting the major hygiene & safety standards which has been laid by the ACOHI SAFETY PARAMETERS FOR HOTELS for the safety of our customers which are very supreme in nature and in the interest of customers and their safety.

“We are preparing ourselves for the function which is raised by ACOHI in the coming days where luminaries from the Hospitality Industry of India along with Consulate Generals of various Countries to Stars of Bollywood and Government Officials of various States are slated to visit Bella Vista property to announce and stamp the much-awaited announcement for Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani marking it as International Destination,” said Ramesh Gaur the CEO of Bella Vista.

“Apart from the ACOHI Accreditation & Star Grading Procedure & Mandate’s important points we will also be marching ahead on using the parameters of ACOHI which are in the interest of our customers, it will make our property absolutely worthwhile as it will give value for money for our customers which are based on Alkaline Water, Pure Oil, Pure Organic Salt, Chemical Free Sugar, Organic Vegetables, A2 Milk, Pure & Best Graded Masale to name the few parameters which we will be acting upon for the safety of our customers giving them premium service, hygiene and safety in food & beverages. These parameters will be used for the first ever time in Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani as per the norms of ACOHI,” added Gaur.